In Pursuit of the Sustainable Distillery: The Wastewater Dilemma

Freer Consulting White Paper Brian Carmichael and Jenny Ma

Important important topics in becoming a sustainable distillery 

Craft distilling is a growing industry in the United States. In an industry that requires large amounts of water for production and produces more wastewater than product, the constant increase of craft distilleries makes water availability and wastewater disposal more challenging. In some areas, state and local authorities have established effluent guidelines programs in accordance with the Clean Water Act. Due to business and regulatory pressures, craft distilleries are finding ways to become more sustainable. Distilleries are looking to treating their wastewaters as a viable solution. Treating distillery wastewater reduces the impact to the environment, can create extra revenue from the separated solids, and can reduce the costs of wastewater disposal.

This white paper discusses important topics for distilleries wanting to become more sustainable inluding waste disposal methods, why wastewater can be harmful, different treatment methods, and creating a Customized a treatment plan.

Freer Consulting is available to help create a wastewater treatment plan that is a good fit for your craft distillery. We can research local regulations and local options for wastewater disposal; take samples to determine the contents of your wastewater; determine different wastewater treatment options that align with your needs and goals; and provide engineering support.