Stormwater Facility Credit Program

Freer Consulting White Paper Brian Schefke

Qualifying for the City of Seattle’s Stormwater Facility Credit Program (SFCP)

States, counties, and municipalities have paid increasing attention to problems created by stormwater runoff in recent years. Because polluted stormwater is a significant problem, regulatory agencies are drafting and enforcing more stringent rules regarding stormwater. To encourage private businesses to better manage stormwater runoff from their properties, the City of Seattle created the SFCP. This program offers a drainage fee credit if businesses that install and operate stormwater systems qualify for the program. This credit can save businesses thousands of dollars per year depending on the size of the property where stormwater is treated.

This white paper is 4 pages in length with a brief overview of stormwater problems and stormwater management, examples of qualifying stormwater systems for the SFCP, and the application form and supporting documents necessary for the program. If you would like to know how Freer Consulting can help your organization with the SFCP, please contact us.

What is a stormwater system?

The problems created by stormwater fall into two categories: flow control and water quality. Stormwater systems (e.g. vaults, sand filters, bioswales, wet ponds, permeable pavements, and filtration systems) provide water quality treatment and/or slow down the flow of stormwater from impervious surfaces such as walkways, driveways, or rooftops.

How should a stormwater system be maintained?

Owners with a stormwater system are responsible for ensuring that the system is properly maintained and functioning in accordance with the City of Seattle’s Stormwater Code. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) may conduct on-site inspections to confirm compliance in order for property owners to receive or continue to receive credit from the SFCP.